Think You Are Ready To Commit To Someone?

Committing yourself to someone is a big step for anyone, even those who are Catholic dating. In other words, be sure you take the time to think about what you are doing before you offer this very prized part of yourself to them. Commitment is something you should think about and even plan for only after you have learned about the person and really gotten to know who they are and what they have to offer to you. It is not common for people to commit to each other quickly, or at least it should not be. Catholics believe that their lives are to be dedicated to God and His will, not easily given away to another person.

Today's Society On Love

Teenagers are planning their marriage to their boyfriend as if it is nothing more important than the outfit they will wear to school. Some even talk about having a baby while still in high school. Even in older adults, it is common to throw around the world "love" as if it is something trivial. Yet, as you will soon see, those who love each other are giving a part of themselves to another in such a way that offers a real and lasting commitment. As a Catholic, dating someone does not mean that you love that person, at least not yet.

When To Commit

Do you think you are ready to commit to someone? This is surely not something you will be doing after two or three dates, keep in mind. Rather, it is something that you should be doing only after you have truly learned who this person is and have dedicated spending your life with them. Here are some things to keep in mind.

It is sometimes the case that people do make commitments that cannot be kept. It is common to consider whether or not you truly love someone, but it is rarely appropriate for you to hand over your heart to someone that you do not know well enough. Remember that your commitment is foremost to God. 

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